Background For users’ convenience, RAQ Report provides a lot of printing properties. Such as page margins (left margin, right margin, top margin, bottom margin), paper direction (vertical or horizontal), paper type, paper size, etc. With these available options, users can print their reports accurately. Users can set the properties for printing easily in the Print tab below easily. [img] Sometimes, users may wish that their printing configurations can be saved at client-side. As a result, they can print reports directly without setting each time. As a professional Java reporting tool, RAQ Report realized this wonderful function after thorough research. Commonly, a client-side computer links to a printer. So the function is designed to save the printing configuration of each report. Then, another problem appears. A printer/report may be used by several users. Therefore, the printing configuration of each user should be saved. Solution With RAQ Report, it is easy to solve the problem. Users only need to call the API of RAQ Report, and write program with user information to save printing configuration. Operation Add servlet in web.xml: com.runqian.report4.usermodel.PrintSetupServlet com.runqian.report4.usermodel.PrintSetupServlet com.runqian.report4.usermodel.PrintSetupServlet /servlet/PrintSetupServlet Add savePrintSetup=�yes� Then, a configuration file will be generated automatically for saving printing configuration.