After Genuitec has already shipped millions of downloads of Spring tooling, you would think that the Spring folks would be ecstatic, right? Here's what happened, MyEclipse announced today a partnership with Skyway Software to develop a new product called MyEclipse for Spring. The partnership makes sense for a lot of reasons, but chief among them is that Spring Framework is among the most frequently used and requested by MyEclipse customers. And, Skyway Software has created an impressive Spring scaffolding technology that we incorporated into MyEclipse for Spring. For years, MyEclipse has been dedicated to the Spring feature set, and many customers think Genuitec’s innovative implementation of Spring tooling is the best in the business. So, after shipping millions of downloads of Spring tooling you would think that Spring would be ecstatic. After all, open source companies are looking for three things: adoption, adoption, adoption. So what better way than a pervasive IDE like MyEclipse to disseminate your technologies, advertise, innovate, and relentlessly deliver for you? But, Spring has never seen the goodness in that play. They seem to want recognition for their great framework (and it is great), but without anyone else playing on their field. Now, Adam Fitzgerald, director of developer relations at SpringSource, publicly discounted the new MyEclipse for Spring software without even waiting to taking a peek at it, while also knocking out their own certified partner (Skyway Software) in the process by a business association. In a way SpringSource have devalued Skyway’s contributions to the Spring community - the quote is listed above in the summary of this post. Spring wants to be an elite tooling company, and tries to direct everyone to their own offerings, which is great. But, perhaps rather than pouting about others playing with their “baby? and trying to garner all the glory, a wiser approach would be to embrace the development community and create a nice ecosystem of success around partner offerings – and then tout them as legitimacy of your own achievements. And perhaps Spring should update their tooling occasionally to keep customers on the cutting edge as well. Genuitec will continue to drive Spring adoption and assist customers in understanding, developing and innovating around Spring technologies, and we look forward to the launch of the joint product. Meantime, hopefully the Spring guys will embrace their own success. They’ve created such a popular framework that inspires other companies to build whole product lines around it. That sounds like a win-win to Genuitec. There's a free webinar about MyEclipse for Spring with both Genuitec and Skyway Software; if you care about these technologies then we encourage you to sign up. When: January 28, 2009 at 11am Central/Noon Eastern Time (UTC -6) Where: What do you think, does Spring treat its partners fairly?