JdonFramework is a light-weight framework for developing Domain-Driven Design applications in the spirit of Evans and Vens, it combines with rapidity and agility for your web application architecture. Key Features: 1.Domain-Driven Development, provide in memory model, do the injection of the business logic methods into the domain objects. 2.Event-driven Architecture(EDA) ,asynchronous domain events,concurrency pattern, lazy load 3.DI and AOP framework, POJO autowiring that implements Dependency Injection, and all components can be replaced, even include the framework itself. introduce any pojo as a inteceptor. 4.Command Query Responsibility Segregation(CQRS/CQS) , support the default implementations for CRUD and auto paginator for query of large datas . 5.Improve performance of the framework and its applications by plug-in cache. PPT show: http://www.slideshare.net/banq/ddd-framework-for-java-jdonframework-2881760