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    Hi All, Iam facing a problem in my code that's really buzzing me,any help provided would be welcome.I have a jsp and a frame page.On the jsp there is a button on click of which interface is hit & its takes some time for response .On the topframe there is a button on hit of which again interface is called now my requirement is i need to disable the button in the top frame while in the jsp the interface button has been hit & process is going on?Does any one have any idea as to how to go about it

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    I think a simple javascript methods would suffice to enable and disable.

    1.Have a javascript method which disables the button(s) on click.

    2.On load of the frame, i.e. after a response is received, enable the button. (body onload method).

    For disabling button:
    document.getElementById("btnCallInterface").disabled = true;

    For Enabling button:
    document.getElementById("btnCallInterface").disabled = false;