BugTracker with Twitter Connector and Ajax Workflow Editor


News: BugTracker with Twitter Connector and Ajax Workflow Editor

  1. The verside.org online workbench (developed in the Open-jACOB project) provides a framework for designing and executing custom workflows with the build in Ajax workflow editor. It lets you: - Create new Datbase fields - Add them to the UI - Add twitter and eMail notification with a workflow editor - Allow the editing of Verside.org workflows via a drag and drop interactive designer - Be compatible with the big 4 browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE & Opera) - Be accessible over the web or deployed in a local web server More at http://www.verside.org
  2. Perhaps one day, instead of telling us what latest and greatest technologies you are using, you will pay one minute to tell us about the good functional reasons for which we should prefer this to Jira, Trac or other competing products.
  3. Hi, it is NOT only a bug tracker. It is more a development enviroment for database drive web applications. The BugTracker is only a show case. You can compare verside with Filemake->Bento - but Bento runs only on a Mac. Greetings Andreas