“Father of Java� James Gosling to keynote at TSSJS 2010


News: “Father of Java� James Gosling to keynote at TSSJS 2010

  1. The father of Java, James Gosling, to kick off Day One! With everyone buzzing about the just-finalized acquisition of Sun by Oracle and what affect it will have on the industry as a whole, we thought what better way to get an inside perspective than by inviting the “father� of Java programming himself, James Gosling, who will deliver our Day 1 Keynote Address appropriately titled, “Java Today and Tomorrow.� This is the first opportunity you’ll have to hear Mr. Gosling’s unique perspective, including everything from JavaFX, Glassfish, Java EE 6, devices on the edge, realtime systems and dynamic languages on the JVM – everything that contributes to the potent mix that characterizes Java today. The present and future of Java couldn’t be addressed like this by anyone else. Read more on James Gosling here. Here’s a recap of 2010 keynote presentations: • Wednesday, March 17: “Java Today and Tomorrow� with James Gosling, father of Java • Thursday, March 18: “The Grid, The Cloud & The Bus� with Dave Chappell, creator of the ESB and Chief Technologist for SOA at Oracle • Friday, March 19: “What’s New in Spring 3.0� with Rod Johnson, creator of Spring Register by Friday to save $100, thanks to our early-bird admission discount! New Integration Platform panel with Josh Long, Jeff Genender and Ross Mason We’ve also added an expert Integration Platform panel where you’ll meet the experts, creators, and contributors to the most robust enterprise integration platforms. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Mule Integration Platform, ServiceMix, Camel, Spring Integration, and more. Not every product fits every enterprise and the members of this panel are the best people in the world to answer your questions about this topic, and ultimately help you figure out which integration platform is right for you! Panelists include: Josh Long, Author, Spring Enterprise Recipes and Spring Web Recipes Jeff Genender, Java Open Source Consultant Ross Mason, CTO, MuleSource Plus, don’t forget about interactive “Ask the Expert� discussion groups where you can pick the brains of leading Java pros like Rod Johnson, Dave Chappell, Matt Raible, David Geary and more in a relaxed, one-on-one environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions, see what others are working on, and network with your peers. Be an Early-Bird! Save $100 off registration through this Friday! Sign up by this Friday, February 12 to save $100 off registration. Plus attendees save on hotel rooms at Caesars Palace. Make a reservation by February 15 to save under our block. We hope to see you there to partake in all the action! - TheServerSide.com team

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    This has been here for some 10 days now and not a single comment. James Gosling is definitely one of the Java Fathers but there were a number of people key to making Java the success it was (oops, did I say was?) and many of them are still very active. Some have defected to the dark side (.NET) but some are fairly active. I was lucky enough to have lunch with James a few years ago in New York, it's pretty weird sitting at a table with someone you thought was a semi-God. Now, no dis-respect to James but I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be. He might have been the father but he seems to have shot and left so to speak, his knowledge of the language at the time seemed sadly limited. That being said, he still has my respect, I was just expecting an endless stream of answers and was left a little disappointed. Perhaps he knew a lot more than I was asking but not about the practical side, more on the academic side. I would still pay to see him speak and I'd still love to have lunch with him again, I just think I'd rather talk about something other than Java next time as he seemed like a rather interesting character. -John-