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    I have a class file and I want to convert the same into an exe. Please help me in this regard. Also please tell me how to make an executable jar file of any application in java.

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    hi preeti,

    See u can't create exe file from java class, i have heard
    that there are some third party tools through which u can create,

    but u can create executable jar of java file , can do like this

    jar -cf Customer.jar META-INF -C C:\build files

    here Customer.jar is what is going to create & meta-inf
    directory contains ur dd files and files is the file which u need to be get it in to jar.

    have any clarification mail me at murthysri at yahoo dot com


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    i think VJ++ can let u creat .exe out of java code. but then not sure on that. u might wanna check
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    Technically it is not possible to make EXE in java but some vendors are providing solutions for large bussiness application you can find many by searching on the net but that is feasible If you are very much concerned about the performance for some critical transactiion. Making EXE is against the fundamental rule of java ' write once run any where'.