PrimeFaces 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 released


News: PrimeFaces 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 released

  1. PrimeFaces 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 released (6 messages)

    Here's the list of significant changes in this release cycle. * New component: Schedule * New component: ScheduleEventDialog * New component: ImageCompare * New component: GraphicText * New component: NotificationBar * New component: TreeNode * Partial View Processing (eg. Validation,Model Update) for ajax/non-ajax requests * DataTable enhancements (Ajax data filtering, custom sorting, bug fixes) * Tree enhancements (Customizable TreeNodes, built-in checkbox selection) * Added support to exporting only current page using DataExporter * Custom component rendering support in menuitems * New RequestContext API to pass parameters from JSF backing beans to ajax callbacks like oncomplete * 3x faster Dom updates with ajax thanks to jQuery 1.4 update See the detailed full list of changelog for 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 for more information. Next release of Primefaces will feature new components such as progressBar, contextMenu, treeTable and many more.

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  2. Forgot to add link to project site of PrimeFaces for those who are interested.
  3. Congratulations! PrimeFaces is faster than RichFaces in JSF 2.0 support. Hope I'll have a project working with PrimeFaces 2.0.
  4. Congrats, we're using PrimeFaces and good to see that PrimeFaces is taking the lead!
  5. Very nice set of components. Although prime faces has been announcing betas for some time, for many people it will seem as if this set will have come out of nowhere. Although I like RichFaces too, it seems that many components at least look better and richer than what RichFaces offers. Luckily, you don't really have to choose as seemingly RichFaces and PrimeFaces components mix quite well. I also think that rich and easy to use components like these, is precisely what the original promise of JSF was: to enable a market place where such components could be offered. Finally after all these years we're seeing this original dream come to fruition. For me component based UI design is really the way forward. It's sometimes hard to understand that there are still developers who oppose web components (and thus component based frameworks in general) and keep promoting the use of bare HTML with user maintained javascript.
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    Congrats for the entire PrimeFaces/TouchFaces team!! We are currently evaluating it internally as our next all-web platform and so far all looks fantastic. The few hiccups we had were caused by peripheral (IDE, App Server) tools. Also the support, the forum, the documentation... thumbs up. :-) I bet we're gonna hear a whole lot more about PrimeFaces! Philippe ________________ Sr. SW Architect JnJ R&D
  7. Congrats., online demos are pretty impressive. Automatically creating CRUD screens (with EJB3.1/JPA bindings) from table definitions will be a logical next step towards enterprise adoption (aka scaffolding)