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    My problem may be stated this way...
    Say I have some JSP pages which are lying on one machine and certain others which are on a different machine. Can I use the same session across webservers which are lying on different machines. If yes...plz tell me how and if no ... plz tell me why not...
  2. Hi,
       I think sharing the session across the webservers is not possible.
  3. it is definitely possible. with clustring solutions available from various application server sessions spread across multiple servers are definitely possible.

    check out the documentation of respective application server and u will find what u need
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    Depends on the server.

    WebLogic 5.1.0 (Server affine sessions) all traffic for the session always goes back to the same server. If the server dies, the session is lost.

    WebLogic 6.0 (I think) will share the sessions across the cluster.

    iPlanet: Was, I believe, the first server that provided this functionality.

    Apache jServ: Nope, not supported, but then jServ's out of date anyway.

    Tomcat: Don't know off the top of my head.

    Basically, you have to check it for each server product you are investigating.