AjaxSwing web deployment platform for Java Swing applications


News: AjaxSwing web deployment platform for Java Swing applications

  1. CreamTec has released AjaxSwing 3.0, with new features, brand new theme and even closer support of Swing components. AjaxSwing is a web deployment platform for Java Swing applications. It allows developers to implement user interfaces using standard Swing components and to expose that user interface as pure HTML and JavaScript to the browser. AjaxSwing can be thought of as a Java to HTML converter that creates HTML and JavaScript at runtime, unlike GWT that creates it at compile time. AjaxSwing requires no modifications to existing Swing windows and business logic, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs outside of core Java and Swing. Users can run desktop application in a local JRE or open it as a true web application in the browser. http://www.creamtec.com/products/ajaxswing/ http://www.creamtec.com/products/ajaxswing/release_latest.html Message was edited by: Staff

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  2. Nice, but demos don't load[ Go to top ]

    Well, I went to your website, I clicked on demos, I waited and waited and waited and nothing happened. Almost like when waiting for a swing app to start up :)
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    Just checked the demos, they are running. Can you try again and if they are not running for you let us know what error you are getting? You can also download the product and run demos locally if online connection doesn't work (it should of course).
  4. Alternatives[ Go to top ]

    1:1 API compatibility with Swing makes AjaxSwing interesting. If you want to have something more "web-like", but like "swing-like" 100% Java development model, check out Google Web Toolkit (if client-side development is your thing) and Vaadin (for server-side development convenience). http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/ http://vaadin.com/ Other alternatives include ZK, Echo3 and many GWT-wrappers.
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    Those are all good frameworks, but there is one fundamental difference. AjaxSwing is not just 1:1 compatible with Swing - it actually runs Swing applications as AJAX websites. Most of our clients had existing applications that they spent years developing, and rewriting complex UIs from Swing to web is a very costly task. Not to mention the fact that some of them still need the ability to install and run the UI as a desktop application. Only AjaxSwing allows companies to leverage the investment into existing user interface.
  6. Nice[ Go to top ]

    We have few Swing applications developed by our company. Found AjaxSwing about a year ago, there were some problems, but currently we have 2 applications running under AjaxSwing. Just tryied 3.0.1-3.0.2, now it's much better, our new application is working out of the box on 95%. Also we found few advantages over Swing: 1) Now we don't need to think about updating client application, we just update application on server. 2) No more problems with installing on client (we always had some problems with wrong JDK, missing frameworks and servers etc), now clients can just open application in browser. 3) New AjaxSwing 3.0.2 theme is much better then Swing default theme, application looks much better. If you have Swing applications at your company, you should definatly try AjaxSwing. in very short period you can get web application that would take you years to develop, and you can still develope your Swing application. Thanks guys for good work on 3.0!
  7. Any plans for SWT ![ Go to top ]

    Nice work guys, but demos seems to be quite slow. Also do you guys have any plans for supporting SWT ?
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    Thanks for the comments. Demo server is just a 2-CPU box running a bunch of stuff - not a production environment. And when the news gets published you have hundreds of people clicking thru the same apps. No plans to support SWT as of now - it's too much work to properly support Swing as it is.
  9. Support for Jide?[ Go to top ]

    Sounds cool! Does it have work well with Swing components developed by Jide ?
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    Jide components would only work if they extend standard Java Swing components. Any custom logic or components would not work out of the box.