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    I have deal with the topic of Code quality and code review. Of course I have some ideas experience etc… but I would appreciate your input 1) Can anybody recommend articles, books, tools about PRAGMATIC code quality approaches? (preferably java oriented) 2) The same about PRAGMATIC code review 3) Do anybody knows the information (books, articles) how code quality relates to software quality (and particularly web application server crashes etc) 4) And this question is the most difficult. How to make people to want to write a high quality code and to do peer code reviews etc. Does anybody have experience with this or just know what works what does not? This is more managerial issue. Thanks in advance P.S. Sorry if I misposted my issue Jut let me know where I can post it. Thanks

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    One of the keys to success with peer code review is to start slowly. Specifically: 1. Don't mandate it from the top. The best results are always from intiatives that work from the bottom up. 2. Don't try to implement 100% code review all at one time. Start with maybe just doing peer code review of just changes to the most critical modules. Or maybe just the unit tests. Then expand over time as the team gets into the rhythm of doing code reviews. We have a free book on peer code review tips available here: Full disclosure: we sell a code review. The book contains information that is useful regardless of whether you use our tool or not though. HTH.
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