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    As we mentioned in a post on December 14th, TechTarget has been working on a project to redesign In the coming weeks we will be incrementally releasing the changes and would like to ask for your patience and help as we proceed. At times the site may seem slow. We will be monitoring this closely and will do everything we can to keep downtime to a minimum. As each new release is finished we would like your help to fully test and vet the new site. At first many of the upgrades may not be that noticeable, but as the weeks progress you will see features that will allow to become even more of a community site. We hope you enjoy the updated look and feel and we thank you in advance for having some patience while these updates are made.

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  2. Can you provide us with some screenshots of the new design?
  3. Comment editing!! I have to say, TSS has been an island of stability in an every changing world. I'm intrigued.
  4. YES PLEASE. Comment editing!!! Kinda obvious.
  5. Is this just a UI redesign?
  6. TheServerSide Redesign[ Go to top ]

    This is the product manager for first it is going to mostly be a UI design enhancement. Eventually it will create more of a community site that allows members to interact and learn about each other's qualifications. I am interested in getting feedback directly, so feel free to email me at skelly at techtarget dot com.
  7. Looking forward to it. Cheers, David
  8. Can you provide summary of upcoming features? did it include more social networking features
  9. Can you provide summary of upcoming features? did it include more social networking features
    +1. That would be great! Or, TSS could just use a popular commenting system like DISQUS.
  10. hot threads[ Go to top ]

    Does that mean that the hot threads will no longer be postings from 5 yrs ago, with the last post being 2 or 3 years old!??
  11. Horrible Page Layout[ Go to top ]

    The new page design it terrible!  What a huge step backwards.

    The old design displayed large readable text that scaled the full width of my monitor.  This crappy new design features eye straining text and only scales to half the width of my monitor.
  12. Do not hurt user eyes[ Go to top ]

    Agree, the informative part takes only about 25% of the my 20" screen. What happens when I will buy 27" iMac as I desired ? On the other side, it doesn't fit 8" netbook screen so I have to scroll in both directions...
    Pleas, do not follow fullish practice with fixed width design, there are lot of different displays in the world, so fixed one can never fit all of them.
    Also, do not enforce particular font face to override user preferences that usually chosen for most comfortable reading.
    I have been sitting in front of computer displays for more then 20 years, and that design hurt my eyes.
  13. Well, The site looks pretty odd on my wide screen monitor.
  14. I also think it's awful - it look like an old IBM corporate Web 0.1 site. In it's current form it only lacks a "smiling staff" picture on the right...
  15. Too bright[ Go to top ]

    Too bright, it hurts my eyes.
  16. where are my threads?[ Go to top ]

    I used to bookmark threads from time to time. It seems that the revamped site does not support this feature anymore. Or at least, I can't find them. What a shame :(

    I used to be a regular visitor, but due to the revamped layout, I tend to visit TSS less and less.