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    Dear Friends,

    I am a student of engineering and am currently in my final. I am using JAVA Servlets for the completion of my final year project and it also involves connectivity to MSAccess tables.

    I had installed WinME on my computer some time ago and was using the JavaWebServer2.0 Trial edition. I reinstalled it a number of times when experimenting with it.

    The project worked fine initially but sometime later, i started getting a Jrew error, it was so bad that Win reported that it caused an error in KERNEL32.exe and USER.exe. This always happened when i shutted down the server through the admin tool.

    Also the main problem was that the servlets were getting compiled but the output in the Internet Explorer 5.5 remained the same all the time.

    So i formatted my entire hard drive and reinstalled Win ME, then JavaWebServer2.0 again from the same installation file.

    But this time without having any servlet files at all in the servlets dir of the JWS, it gave me the same output and the same Jrew error!

    This went on for the past few days and then i again formatted the harddisk and then re-installed Win 98 which was there before ME.

    This time i installed JWS from a different downloaded file and it did give me the expected output for the first time, but the second time, although it did not give me any error but it still gave me the same output as the first case! I reduced the server cache to 0 and removed the temporary internet files and the history a number of times but nothing seems to work. I think that the server is caching the files in some place and that is what is causing the problems.

    I am in real need of help regarding the explanation of this problem and its solution asap.

    Please reply back to me as my final year project is stuck very badly.

    thank you,

    PS: Also the jar.exe worked with the Win98 previously but now jar tv farfile.jar gives no output at all.
    Please give a solution for that too.

    i am currently using JWS2.0 and the latest j2sdk1.3.0_02 from I have also scanned the system with a number of anti viruses and they report no virus at all.

    please reply at my email address ->
    mscandidate at forindia dot com

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    There will be a directory called "tmpdir" in your JWS folder.
    You first delete it and try to call your jsp or servlet files.
    I hope it will work.