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    I am a student working on Jboss 5.1.0 GA with very basic knowledge of java. I was doing a project on Jboss to manage XA transactions using two data sources I am very new to Jboss. I would be greatly obliged if anyone could help me how to go about it . I have to use two databases( Oracle, MSSQL, or may be My SQL ) . I am able to connect to the database one at a time using Eclipse 3.5 . But I have to configure to use the two databases simultaneously . So that if i do a transaction then the results in the two databases have to be reflected.Just like a Bank transction(transfer of money) between two accounts of diferent banks.Whether going with eclipse 3.5 is better than considering seam framework.. Is there any tutorial or examples on XA transactions using JBoss.. Please help me in going about it... Any help will be great ..

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    Have you configured the datasource in jboss? which component are you building in jboss to use this XA data sources?

    the basic concept for XA in a j2ee environment is all about configuring the database data sources as XA by using the appropriate implementation. see some examples below.


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    Thanks for your reply..

    As i configured the mysql in jboss..it is showing only local datasource in the console window but i need it as XA datasource for the distributed transactions using jta that i am developing here.