Application Performance: Expert webcasts now available on-demand


News: Application Performance: Expert webcasts now available on-demand

  1. Did you miss's Application Performance Management virtual seminar in February? You can rest easy because ALL expert presentations are now available on-demand from the comfort of your own desk! But hurry, these webcasts are available for a limited time only. Gain instant access to the latest tools and techniques for mastering performance management across the lifecycle, from requirements gathering and development to the build, testing and management of applications. In these expert presentations you discover the best techniques for perfecting performance builds and for finding, diagnosing and fixing performance bugs. Whether you’re new to the cloud or are in the middle of a cloud implementation, our experts reveal little-known performance implications of running apps in the cloud, tools that have evolved for cloud environments, and much more. It’s your one-stop shop for expert advice and performance best practices. Access these on-demand sessions now: APPLICATION PERFORMANCE: THE INTERSECTION OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY Performance is an issue that organizations of every size grapple with: Do you know how your applications perform in production? Are you contemplating new delivery models such as the cloud for the deployment of your applications? Performance takes center stage in an organization’s decision of how to host and use the software to run its business. VIEW NOW! PERFECTING APPLICATION PERFORMANCE BUILDS: REQUIREMENTS, DESIGN, BUILD AND TEST PHASES This session is packed with insights and best practices on application performance builds. Mike Kelly, a leading performance consultant, covers key performance issues as they relate to requirements, design, build and test phases. He discusses the differences in eliciting and determining performance goals for client, server and mobile applications. VIEW NOW! FINDING, DIAGNOSING AND FIXING PERFORMANCE BUGS DURING DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION System performance problems are often difficult to isolate and fix because of the synergistic nature of criticalcomponents: software, networks, CPU hardware, databases, business processes and how these items are configured. Fortunately, there are great tools to help find performance problems, but it takes good environments and knowing what to test to apply the tools successfully. VIEW NOW! PANEL DISCUSSION: APPLICATION PERFORMANCE ISSUES IN CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS What are the performance implications of running application components in private and public clouds? How have testing tools evolved to make testing easier in the cloud? In this panel, cloud experts discuss recent studies of application performance in the cloud, including the successes and problems that have occurred. VIEW NOW! THE NEW REQUIREMENTS FOR 3RD GENERATION APM: PRESENTED BY DYNATRACE The last 5 years has seen an exponential increase in application complexity driven by fundamental changes in the way they are designed, built and managed. Promising technology innovations like virtualization, cloud computing, service-based architectures, and development frameworks offer great potential benefits, but they also increase the complexity and costs of ensuring application performance, stability and scalability. VIEW NOW! Click here to access these expert presentations from "Application Performance Management: Build, Bug and Lifecycle Strategies" presented on February 24. Stay tuned for future virtual seminars brought to you by and TechTarget's Application Development media group. Our next event in May covers Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

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  2. APM in Java shops?[ Go to top ]

    Is there an intersections between unit tests (at a developer level) and performance testing (at a QA level)? If so, who is driving this and why?

    I'm wondering if developers are wanting to do performance testing to be nice corporate citizens or if they really care.