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    ZK have released an open source CDI extension based on the portable
    extension mechanism defined in JSR-299 of the Java EE 6 platform.
    Java EE
    application developers can now seamlessly leverage both ZK and CDIâ??s powerful
    set of features for developing enterprise applications.

    In addition to the built in features of CDI, ZK CDI provides the
    following features:

    -Custom variable resolver/EL resolver

    The custom variable resolver resolves CDI managed beans within , an
    EL expression (${...}) and ZK annotated data binding expression (@{â?¦})
     using their EL name. 


    -ZK custom scopes 

    In addition to built-in CDI scopes such as Session, Request, Application and Conversation this extension provides five additional ZK scopes; Desktop, Page, execution, IsSpace and Component.


    -ZK components as managed beans

    This feature allows developers to inject ZK components into managed beans such as ZK composers


    -UI event handlers using ZK custom annotation and CDI provided event
    notification model 

    This feature allows developers to annotate any method with ZK custom annotation and turn it into an event handler method.


    Other resources

    *Download ZK CDI 1.0_1RC

    *Getting started with ZK CDI

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  2. License issues[ Go to top ]

    There is a big confusion over ZK licensing of late as I see on the forum. They have good components/controls which they allowed to be used OS. But now all are priced!