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    Hi All,
          First of all kudos to everyone who is in part redesigning this site, as well as to those who made this to be one of  popular techie site in the world.
          I have got some questions regarding your redesigning project [If you feel, it is too inquisitive and if it involves any confidential business decisions you can pass all these questions]

     1. Why you are going for re-designing this site, as it serving the purpose already to all the users?
     2. Are you going to change only the GUI, by including new technologies like AJAX and Rich user interfaces like Flex, etc. or the middleware and DB also?
     3. Previously in which technology/server it was running?
     4. Now, what are all the new technologies/servers you are going to use for this re-designing?
      5. Did you face any pressure from your customers (i am also one among them, but didn't anticipate anything like that from you)? 
    Thanks :-)
        Edited by: brianb008 on Aug 25, 2014 2:50 PM

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  2. WHACKING SPAM[ Go to top ]

    Three things surely and obviously missing:

    - a REPORT SPAM button,

    - moderators who can remove posts, threads and users,

    - a willingness to clean up the site.

    It's a disgrace.





  3. Two more weeks have elapsed and no-one has done a thing to remove the tens of thousands of link drops present throughout the site.

    The site has been taken over by spammers and link-droppers, and no-one seems prepared to do a thing about it...


  4. I agree[ Go to top ]

    I agree with redesigning the forums cause the web graphics are not that much modern