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    Java may have lost some of its hype with Orcale's acquisition. Java may have been sent to the back-burner. The Java crowd now, seems to be middle-aged men and not young hipsters. What language(s) has replaced Java in that sense? I ask college kids what their favorite language is an I am hearing Python, Ruby, and Objective-C but no Java. What is the future of Java? We already have a Microsoft in the commercial sector of programming languages will Java become dry and commercial?

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    here is a trend map for technology within Java.

    the Java Language is not going anywhere soon, and in 20-30 years it is going to be Scala( i am betting on this :) )  

    If the young hipsters want a job out of college so they can drive the nice Mercedes,and Porsches middle age men are driving. They need to learn Java!

    Oracle i don't see any reason they would put "java" on the back burner. they have not given an indication that they will do this?..
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        U CRAZZY!!!! Have you seen any other programing language than java which got widely accepted after C. Java  was  born in mid 90's and now majority of the computer applications world wide run on this smart programming language. Lots of innovations happening on java, it got the best developer community. Java is not going anywhere.