I'm Working as deployer and server administrator. We use
Jboss 4.0x AS to deploy our applications.

The issue I'm facing is,

Whenever we redeploy/restart the server, server.log is getting created
but after sometime the logging goes off. Yes it is not at all updating
the server.log file. Due to this, we could not trace the other critical
issues we have. Actually we have two separate nodes and we do
deploy/restarting the server separately on two nodes. We are facing the
issue in both of our test and production environment. I could not trace
out where exactly the issue is. Could you please help me in resolving
the issue?

If we have any other issues, we can check the log files. If log itself
is not getting updated/logged, how can we move further in analyzing the
issues without the recent/updated logs?

can anyone help me out?