All Over the World, Top Sun Talent is Leaving Oracle...


News: All Over the World, Top Sun Talent is Leaving Oracle...

  1. James Gosling is only the latest, and highest profile executive, to leave Oracle for greener pastures. But it's not just a phenomenon that's happening to the two merged companies in the United States. It seems like a global trend, with the Indian exodus being documented in this article.

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  2. I don't know about others, but loosing managers isn't a big deal. Loosing critical technical talent is a far bigger concern in my mind.
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    I would expect many good people to leave. It happens time and time again. Especially when there is a difference in corporate culture. And just because they don't leave, it doesn't meant they don't want to or won't at some point.
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    This is (was) a Sun developer:

    What is happening?
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    To be blunt, the company was dying anyway, because Linux was eating their market. The strategy of doing everything the community suggests, in the hope the community buys Sun's expensive hardware failed (where was Sun's Java training and development consultancy arms?? At IBM it seems).

    Oracle's always been a very different firm - profit driven rather than technically driven - and those cultures are going to clash, horribly.

    Although I think from a customer point of view there is a good fit - a significant number of Solaris customers are Oracle customers, and they're also the kind of customers who will buy proprietary OS as well as proprietary DB.

    Again, I think Sun intellectually liked the ideas of open source, but didn't know how to make it work financially (to transform themselves into a support and services firm, rather than a research and development firm).