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    I have a weird problem using POST method. 
    I use the POST method in a form within a Jsp and none of the parameters pass. request.getMethod() returns "POST" but getParameter() always return 'null'.

    Things worth mention:
    - I'm using Jdev 10.1.3
    - When i switch to GET method it work perfectly.
    - All servlets in my application suffer from this issue
    - All servlets are overriding the 'service' method only
    - There is no error / exception ...

    Maybe there is a configuration that can block the use of POST?

  2. don't override service[ Go to top ]

    you mentioned you're overriding service.

    what if you override doGet  and doPost instead, where if you need to have the doGet just invoke the doPost if you want them to function the same.

    Im not entirely sure, but it might be possible there would be form encoding data http headers that are being decoded by the service method's super class implementation, and by overriding service yourself, it is not understanding how to extract these when building the request object ?