Hibernate 3.5.2 Final Release Fixes a Few Bugs


News: Hibernate 3.5.2 Final Release Fixes a Few Bugs

  1. 3.5.2-Final is a maintenance release of mainly minor bug fixes. Some fixes in particular were non-minor:

    • HHH-5135 could lead to an exception or incorrect results when a query uses a column with the same name as a function.
    • HHH-4991 can cause chunks of SQL related to many-to-many associations to be excluded from queries generated by a Criteria which would cause an exception.
    • HHH-3096HHH-4957, and HHH-5063 resulted in exceptions or incorrect results using Criteria Projections.countDistinct() or when using an alias that is the same as the property name)
    • HHH-5078 could produce incorrect numeric results when using JPA Criteria to generate expressions that combined addition or subtraction with other arithmetic operators; parentheses were excluded from ( a + b ) / c, resulting in the expression evaluating using default operator precedence.
    • HHH-5042 would cause hilo generators to return duplicate keys after having exhausted the current lo-range.
    • HHH-5032 prevented locks from being upgraded to LockModeType.OPTIMISTICFORCEINCREMENT using Entity Manager, resulting in versions not being updated on transaction commit.
    • HHH-1574 can cause an exception indicating that an immutable natural ID containing a many-to-one association was altered when it was unchanged.

    For the the full list of changes, see the release page.

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  2. packaging bugs?[ Go to top ]

    Did you fix the bugs where the packaging and downloading totally sucks?  Here is a link to an empty maven repository!  Here is a link to a zip file that contains all the source, because I need that.  Here is an incomplete folder full of dependencies.  Oh, and there is a new logging framework now, for no reason.  And we don't use ejb-persistence.jar anymore.  We have a new one.  But when you use it, you still get errors because your server isn't JPA2 compliant.  So, I can't use Tomcat with Hibernate anymore, I have to get JBoss.  This project has turned into a joke.

  3. Good news[ Go to top ]

    Well, the good news is that JPA, if you insist to stay with jpa, is a spec not an implementation.

    You know you can find a better one.

    Not only in packaging aspects.

    And, probably, you don't have to face with lazy loading issues. 


  4. packaging bugs?[ Go to top ]

    awwwwww, pobrecito

  5. JPA 2.0 Certification?[ Go to top ]

    Has JSR defined any certification Mechanism?

    If so, Can We say Hibernate 3.5.2 is certified.

    Also When we could expect a resource on JPA 2.0 Implementation with Hibernate 3.5?


  6. It seems that it introduces at least one new bug though.


  7. Since TSS is in the habit of publishing "revision" updates to Hibernate yet will not publish news stories about any other competing technology, it is worth pointing out that DataNucleus Access Platform 2.1.0 (released at the start of June) provides the following over and above what DataNucleus 2.0 provides :-
        <li>Support for persistence to OOXML documents</li>
        <li>Support for persistence to GoogleStorage</li>
        <li>Support for persistence of javax.time and some Google Collections types</li>
        <li>Changed to use rewritten JDOQL implementation for RDBMS by default. This makes many more JDOQL statements runnable than were previously possible</li>
        <li>Uses JDO3 "final" jar</li>
        <li>Uses JPA2 "final" jar</li>
        <li>Supports full JPA2 definition of JPQL</li>
        <li>Supports JPA2 static metamodel creation</li>
        <li>Supports JPA2 orphan removal</li>
        <li>Support for embedded PC objects with Excel persistence</li>
        <li>Support for using spatial methods in queries with the new JDOQL implementation for RDBMS</li>
        <li>Support for BoneCP RDBMS connection pooling library</li>
        <li>Many bug fixes, and minor feature additions.</li>