Using Selenium Tests for Automated JavaScript/AJAX Performance Analysis


News: Using Selenium Tests for Automated JavaScript/AJAX Performance Analysis

  1. With more than 3 million downloads, Selenium is the world’s most popular functional testing framework. It allows web developers and QA professionals to automatically test how an application functions on multiple browsers, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and across operating systems, such as different versions of Windows and Mac OS.

    The dynaTrace AJAX Edition on the other side is probably the best web site performance analysis tool for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.  Here is what John Resig, Creator of jQuery has to say about it: “I’m very impressed with dynaTrace AJAX Edition’s ability to get at the underlying “magic? that happens inside a browser: page rendering, DOM method execution, browser events, and page layout calculation. Much of this information is completely hidden from developers and I’ve never seen it so easily collected into a single tool. Huge kudos to dynaTrace for revealing this information and especially so for making it happen in Internet Explorer?

    Combine best of breed tools for Automated Performance Analysis

    If we look at these two tools it almost seems logical to use them in combination in order to automatically capture performance data from within the browser for every Selenium Test you execute.

    Why would you want to do that?

    In case your Selenium Tests identify a problem – whether it is a functional issue (page not working correctly) or a performance problem (page are much slower in the latest build) – the data that is automatically captured by dynaTrace AJAX contains all information necessary for your web engineers to figure out the root cause of the problem. Without this information, your engineers probably go ahead and manually reproduce the error by executing and debugging through the test case manually. Manual work means additional time and effort – and that’s what can be avoided. Best of all – BOTH TOOLS ARE FREE!!

    Continue reading and learn how to combine these tools in a simple Step-by-Step Guide

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  2. looks promising[ Go to top ]

    I gave dynaTrace a try and the results look very promising.

  3. looks promising[ Go to top ]

    good to hear :-)

  4. DAE = Excellent[ Go to top ]

    We have been using dynaTrace Ajax Edition with our customer's Ajax applications for the past year. It is very miuch like what Firebug does for CSS/HTML debugging. Indispensable at times.

    We are looking into ways to use DAE with HtmlUnit.

    -Frank Cohen