Tomcat 7 RC4 Now Available from Apache


News: Tomcat 7 RC4 Now Available from Apache

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    After the long wait, Apache Tomcat 7 is finally on its way!  The latest version of the popular servlet container is now in the final stages of development.  To date, four release clients have been made available to developers for testing, with RC4 released just this morning.  
    Tomcat 7 will implement the new Servlet 3.0 specification, offering a number of exciting benefits to Tomcat users, including:

    • annotation support
    • dynamic configuration of libraries via web.xml fragments
    • simplified embedding
    • improved secure session tracking

    Check out the Tomcat 7  release notes from apache, or even just go to the download page.

    Mulesoft has been keeping track of the incremental release details. Check out their latest news updates on Tomcat 7.

  2. Hey - We had a great article from Andy VanAbs yesterday on the site:

    He talks about his experiences so far with Tomcat 7, including new feature,  what apps he suggests moving over, etc. Check it out.