SIwpas: Sure, it's a Dumb Name; but it's a Neat Project


News: SIwpas: Sure, it's a Dumb Name; but it's a Neat Project

  1. Simple Web Profile Application Server (SIwpas) aim is not to implement a new "Java EE" application server. SIwpas main goal is to integrate Apache Software Foundation( Java EE Web Profile specific projects into the unchanged codebase of the Apache Tomcat 7. Therefore, developers will not be required to bundle "Java EE Web Profile" specific libraries into their web applications.

    Nowadays, lots of developers and companies want to use lighter application servers for their web applications. They do not want to use heavyweight Java EE Servers that implements Java EE Specification fully. And most of them uses Apache Tomcat in their production systems. As we said before, we translate the Apache Tomcat into Java EE web profile compatible server with adding required components.

    You can download the Beta release of the project from project main site.

    Project Site :

    Gurkan Erdogdu

  2. Hello,

    Could you please explain why another set of integration? I feel it is an overlap of the future Geronimo Web Profile App server.

    What do you think?