Well, if Gosling Likes It...BlueJ 3 Is Here


News: Well, if Gosling Likes It...BlueJ 3 Is Here


    Michael Kolling  has a great article on the lastest features of BlueJ 3.0, an interesting and interactive environment for helping people who are new to Java learn the language. We all know people that are interested in getting into the programming game, but it's always difficult to figure out where to start. Well, this isn't a bad option at all.

    BlueJ - The Interactive Java Environment

    Mik's Blog



    BlueJ 3.0 - the most significant update of BlueJ in five years, has now been released. This version brings significant improvements, especially to the BlueJ editor, including scope highlighting, code completion, better find and replace and better navigation.

    You can read more detail here, or see a summary in the change log.

    Get it now and never look back.


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  2. nice[ Go to top ]

    i really like blue/j.  it's a nice teaching environment, very sweet and simple, but powerful too.

    i just wish it could show classes from another package on a package diagram.