The Jspresso team is particularly proud to announce the immediate availability of Jspresso 3.5.0.
Jspresso is a full-stack Java/Flex/Javascript RIA framework that offers a server-centric architecture (Servlet/Spring/Hibernate) with server-driven, multi-channel UIs (Flex/qooxdoo/WingS/ULC/Swing) that share the exact same application codebase. Jspresso builds are entirely Maven based and Jspresso projects are instantly bootstrapped using a Maven archetype.

It's been more than a year without any official release but this one is a major step forward. Among many bug fixes and improvements, the 3.5.0 version brings a lot of new features.
Here are the main facts :

  • A new groovy-based DSL (SJS) in lieu of Spring XML to describe and assemble the different applications layers.
  • A new Ajax UI channel based on the excellent qooxdoo Javascript framework. Of course, existing Jspresso applications will run immediately in qooxdoo after a straightforward Maven-based re-packaging, and without writing a single line of Javascript.
  • A new Eclipse plugin to support SJS authoring with syntax coloring and code completion, based on the (also) excellent Groovy Eclipse plugin.
  • Tons of new features, like new property types (e.g. HTML property) along with their UI support (e.g. rich text editor), Flash based charting, faceless context for integration tests support, ...

We've also expanded the documentation, produced some intro screencasts and updated the site with latest SJS-based tutorials.
And last but not least, Jspresso remains free, using the business-friendly LGPL license.