MechSoft Mechanical and Software Solutions ( has released a new open source project called "Defne."

What is Defne

Defne is a service oriented web framework. With Defne you can easily implement transactional, secure and service based database applications based on the Java EE technologies.

Defne contains many Java EE technologies including Dependency Injection, Java Persistence API, Java Server Faces, Enterprise Java Beans etc. Defne is a thin layer implementation on those technologies that gives a developer to concentrate on the business logic.

With Defne, you can implement powerful and performancable enterprise web projects with service oriented fashion.

Why Defne?

Main motivation behind the Defne is that applying service oriented architecture at a Java method layer. Naming your service and methods, de-couple your service clients from the service implementations and no more compile time errors at nightly builds etc.

You can get the further information from the project web site:

Project Site :

Hello World Example :

--Gurkan Erdogdu

CTO, MechSoft