Heavyweight Helios Crushes Eclipse's Past


News: Heavyweight Helios Crushes Eclipse's Past

  1. The UK's "Register" features a great column on The Eclipse Foundation's latest release: Helios. 

    Heavyweight Helios crushes Eclipse's Past 

    But the release of Helios is more than just a catchy headline and press release. It's another important milestone, done on time might I add, that pushes the Java industry and Java technology forward.

    "Helios is the simultaneous release of 39 Eclipse projects. In terms of statistics, the Helios release includes 33 million lines of code developed by about 500 Eclipse.org committers from 44 companies. The important thing to remember about Helios and Eclipse simultaneous releases in general is that even though it's a simultaneous release, it doesn't mean these projects are unified. Each project is a separate open source project within Eclipse.org, operating with its own project leadership, its own committers and its own development plan. The simultaneous-release concept is designed to provide a transparent and predictable development cycle." 

    Eclipse Helios release

    Some highlights of the Helios release include:

    • A new Linux IDE package makes it easier for Linux developers to use an integrated tool chain for building C/C++ applications for the Linux operating system. 
    • Eclipse Marketplace Client provides developers an 'app-store' experience to easily discover and install new Eclipse plug-ins.  
    • Support for Git, a popular distributed version control (DVCS), is provided by the new Eclipse EGit and JGit projects. 
    • The Web Tools Platform project has introduced support for creating, running, and debugging applications written for the latest Java EE Specifications (Java EE 6) including, Servlet 3.0, JPA 2.0,JSF 2.0, and EJB 3.1
    • Improved support in the JavaScript Development Tools project (JSDT) for JavaScript developers, including a JavaScript debug framework that allows for integration of JavaScript debuggers, such as Rhino and Firebug.
    • Eclipse Xtext 1.0, a popular framework for creating domain specific languages (DSL), introduces 80 new features, including improved performance and scalability by up to 30 times previous versions. 
    • Eclipse Acceleo 3.0 implements the OMG Model-to-text specification and provides tooling for example-based design of code generators.

    Visit www.eclipse.org/helios for more information. 

    Eclipse Helios release
    Heavyweight Helios crushes Eclipse's Past 

  2. If at all I was asked to write a new requirement for existing eclipse, then I would say ...MAKE IT LIGHTWEIGHT...

  3. Amen. I only need Java and maybe javascript, but over all I need to milk my CPU cycles.

  4. You don't have to use Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers,

    there are other distributions available for download.

    Maybe Eclipse IDE for Java Developers is what you really need.

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