You Should Be Using Sonar. Bake a Quality Feedback Loop into your Build Cycle


News: You Should Be Using Sonar. Bake a Quality Feedback Loop into your Build Cycle

  1. Brian Chaplin is in the house, and he's provided some great insight into how you can take the various metrics that are spit out by Sonar, integrate those metrics into your build system, and make quality feedback part of your build loop. It's a pretty darn progressive idea, and it's a pretty interesting discussion as well, regardless of whether you're using Sonar today or not.
    Use Sonar to Develop a Quality Feedback Loop into the Build Cycle


    Brian Chaplin (brian.chaplin ayt gmail dawt calm) is an independent consultant based in Washington, DC who has been involved with software productivity and quality measurement over 25 years.  He has developed key business metrics systems for the pharmaceutical, insurance, direct marketing and financial markets industries.  He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect with a BA in Mathematics from Northwestern University.

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  2. Yawning![ Go to top ]

    Call me Mr. Lazy, but this seems to me like introducing yet another complexity layer into the already complex JEE development and automatic testing proceses. I understand sometimes our job activities become "we've seen everything" and start to get boring. So we tend to look for something to stimulate our brains a bit but this seems like you're going too far. I wonder if the benefit one would reap after mastering this technique outweigh the cost and effort required to get up to speed with it.

    My .02 cent.



  3. Sonar is impressive[ Go to top ]

    We have already built Sonar into our build cycle and we also use it to track the technical debt and the monetary aspects associated with it

  4. Maven dependency is bad[ Go to top ]

    My biggest problem with Sonar is that it requires projects to use Maven. It's one thing for Sonar to use Maven but forcing it on everyone else is simply distasteful. Maven is not widely accepted, with good reason, and I don't forsee this changing anytime soon.


    Please consider Ant support.

  5. It does actually not ![ Go to top ]

    Sonar does not require that a project is built with Maven to ru analysis on it, it only requires that maven is installed on the machine that will run analysis.