Monitoring Social Activity with Java-monitor


News: Monitoring Social Activity with Java-monitor

  1. Want to share the statistics of your hosts with your buddies? You can do it with Java-monitor. Of course, your friends cannot change the stats, but they can look over your shoulder when there is something strange going on; or maybethey can keep an eye on your machines while you are golfing?

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    Monitoring Social Activity with Java-monitor

    Here's a quick synopsis of what you've got to do:

    First, make your buddy a friend on's forum. Then e-mail them a link to the host you would like to look at. That's about it.

    Oh, how do you make someone a buddy, you ask?

    To make someone a buddy on Java-monitor, ask them for their Java-monitor user ID. Then go to to add them. It is sufficient that you add them as a buddy. They do not have to accept to be able to see your hosts.

    To e-mail a link to the host you would like them to look at, simply copy the host's URL from your browser's URL bar. Then paste that URL into an e-mail. That's it!  Your buddy will be asked to log into and he or she can then look at the host information.

    What is Java-monitor?

    In case you don't know: Java-monitor is the free, on-line monitoring tool for Java application servers. Receive an e-mail when your server goes off-line. Tune your memory allocation. Java-monitor supports Glassfish, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Openfire and lots more. Try the live demo of this service on

  2. A perfect complement to MessAdmin! :-)