Compoze Software, an EJB/J2EE components vendor, today announced product support for the integration of its eCRM EJB software components with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Press Release:

Philadelphia, PA. - April 25, 2001: Compoze Software, Inc., a leading provider of EJB software components and solutions, today announced product support for the integration of its eCRM EJB software components with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Corporations moving to the J2EE standard are facing the challenge of accessing legacy applications, such as those built on Microsoft Exchange Server, through a Java-based interface. The combination of Compoze components and Intrinsyc's J-Integra, a Java-COM bridge, allowed Compoze to create a powerful collaborative software solution capable of accessing the popular Microsoft Exchange Server via Compoze’s EJB components.

"We were delighted to work with Compoze in developing another great application of our J-Integra technology", said Neil McDonnell, President and COO of Intrinsyc. "By integrating J-Integra with Compoze components, Compoze was able to deliver product support that gives their customers the freedom to work in one environment, yet re-use software written in another environment. This is a powerful proposition, as it ultimately helps Compoze customers improve their efficiency and productivity," added McDonnell.

"Customer response regarding the quality and usability of our components has been extremely positive," says Scott Andress, COO of Compoze Software. "After the release of Harmony 1.0, we received numerous requests for Microsoft Exchange Server integration, thus moving this feature quickly to the top of the project list." "I'm excited when customers request new ways of implementing the components," says Andress. "By supporting access for Microsoft Exchange we are enabling our customers to continue to use our components in any environment needed to accomplish their application requirements."

About Compoze Software
Compoze Software, Inc. provides ready-to-use components, based on the EJB specification, to quickly add collaborative and community functionality when building e-CRM applications and portals. Compoze Software products significantly save time and money for companies where time-to-market is essential. For more information about Compoze Software and their products and services, visit them at

About the Harmony Component Suite
The Harmony Component Suite is a collection of domain-specific Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) components critical to the development of applications that foster collaboration, such as CRM, sales-force automation, time tracking, and groupware. Harmony's calendar, contacts, discussion, content, task and journal components provide up to 60% of the functionality commonly used in e-business applications, and can be modified and extended to adapt to virtually any application requirement. Functionality specifications and download information is available at

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