Store a Terabyte of Data in a Single Cache? Ehcache can do it.


News: Store a Terabyte of Data in a Single Cache? Ehcache can do it.

  1. Today Terracotta announces the GA release of Ehcache 2.2. Uniquely competitive with Oracle's Coherence, and arguably more inter-operable with Spring applications than Spring's own Gemstone, Terracotta is carving out a unique space for themselves in this segment of the market.

    Ehcache 2.2 is available for download immediately and contains the following enhancements:

    • Scale and Performance—New storage option for Ehcache that supports terabyte scale, radically decreases memory usage and increases the addressable cache size tenfold.  
    • Authentication and Authorization—Added Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) support provides LDAP authentication support for tight integration to corporate user management systems.
    • Visibility and Control—Simplified and improved management console with new and updated control panels for Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler and Web Sessions, for application visibility and control; plus a new consolidated view of cluster-wide events to allow operators to identify problem nodes, as well as diagnose errors and performance problems.
    • Improved Multi-Data Center Support—Customizable support for cache replication between clusters in disparate geographic areas provides ideal solutions for data availability and disaster recovery across WANs (Wide Area Networks).
    • New Common Runtime Library—Reduces memory usage and network connections and provides new common developer constructs; it also exposes an API that programmers can use alongside the Ehcache API to perform complex inter-process coordination tasks across multiple machines with just a few lines of code.

    Ehcache 2.2 is available immediately for download at


  2. Ehcache is undoubtedly a de facto standard. By the way, we just released an interview of Greg Luck, Ehcache Founder & CTO,that  we did last week

  3. It's great to see so many companies interested in competing with Oracle (aka Tangosol) Coherence. This market continues to be an incredibly interesting part of the technology landscape, and judging by how many companies are adopting Coherence, it's still a rapidly growing market as well.

    Also, regarding "storing a terabyte of data in a single cache", I assume you're still using Oracle BerkelyDB to actually do that? ;-)


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle Coherence

  4. Just like Coherence does use BerkeleyDB JE you mean?

  5. Good point.  But actually the use of Berkeley DB JE is just one of many options with Coherence.  More specifically, Coherence (and thus customer applications) are in no way dependent on the existence of any database technology, including Berkley DB, to store or exceed terabyte+ data in a single cache.

    Coherence customers are free to choose where and how they want their data stored.  Be it on-heap, off-heap through nio-memory mapped files, Berkley DB, a custom implementation or any combination of these together.  They can choose to have a certain amount in memory (on heap), then overflow that to anyone of the above, client-side or server-side, natively with Java, .NET or C++.  There are a multitude of combinations, all user-defined, all searchable, all of which can avoid hitting disk.  

    All standard stuff for Coherence. No bolt-ons needed, not even Berkley DB.

    Hope this helps clear the misunderstanding.  

    -- Brian

    Brian Oliver | Architect | Oracle Coherence

  6. The pattern thus becomes clearer: Cameron asks some random question with smiley face in attempt to draw some question from some random guy, after which we can see another post from Coherence guy telling us the tale how awesome Coherence is. This my friends is next-generation thread hijacking method. Nice attemp to subtly troll and hijack this thread.

  7. Hi Chief Thrall -

    Just two minor clarifications:

    1) Terracotta brought up Oracle Coherence, not me. Read the original post.

    2) I post and sign under my own name. My real name.

    Other than that, though, you've got me all figured out ;-)


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle Coherence

  8. And as usual, Cameron never misses a chance to troll the competition with attempts to be witty and at the same time tries to present himself as nice guy by putting smiley face at the end of the post. =) You see, just like me, I attacked him, but at the same time I left myself the option to say I was kidding, or opportunity to play victim since I am a nice guy. =)

    I wasn't laughing while writing this, true story.

  9. It's been a while since I went to Terracotta site, and bam, they changed a lot on their site. Looks really pro now, they got JP Morgan, T-Mobile on their customer list, impressive.

    Congratulations to Terracotta peeps.