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    Hi all,

    I have a stand-alone, Swing application that I need to extend to a two-tier system, so there will be multiple instances of the Swing application and a central server. My job is to make changes to the Swing application and implement the server application from the ground up.

    What is the best practice for Swing applications to interact with a server? I don't want to go with RMI since not only is it becoming obsolete but also there is no guarantee that the applications and the server will be on the same network.

    Should I implement the server with EJB3 or Spring? What protocol should be used?


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    Hi Brian,

            If your server implementation does'nt require any aop support then EJB3 is a handy option to choose.EJB3 will provide all the container services also with RMI support and this all can be implemented in EJB3 with less complexity since it uses annotations and minimal xml configuration.

    Best Regards !!