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    Packt Publishing has recently decided to give away some of it's eBooks, free of charge. Here are at least 5 titles:

    Building Online Communities with phpBB 2
    Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 7
    Invision Power Board: A User Guide
    Building Websites with e107
    The PEAR Installer Manifesto

    The link that told me about these give-aways is here.

    Besides free eBooks, Packt is also converting their electronic books to the 'ePub' format, which promises superior display capabilities, flexibility in formatting, and a host of other benefits. There's a nice press release about it here.

    I hope you find something good there.

    Happy Reading!


    Packt is inviting all customers, who have purchased an eBook, to download the ePub version of the book and enjoy its features and great flexibility. Alternatively, customers can sample the ePub format by accessing one of Packt’s free eBooks. All purchases of new eBooks from today will be made available to download as an ePub file, as well as the standard PDF.

    Packt ePub formatted eBooks are available from Tuesday 20th July 2010. To access your first Packt ePub eBook, either previously purchased or one of Packt’s free eBooks, please log into and go to My account.

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  2. Bull sh*t[ Go to top ]

    Who needs these trash? They are of course books nobody wants to pay money for. Please leave us alone, Mr. Packt!!



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    Packt is a good publisher which provides very practical books on the latest technology. But it also means that these books outdate in about a year after being published. So it really seems strange to use this old books which nobody really needs as an advertisement.