OpenFaces 3.0 Early Access 2 with JSF 2.0 support


News: OpenFaces 3.0 Early Access 2 with JSF 2.0 support

  1. TeamDev is pleased to present the second Early Access release for OpenFaces 3.0 with JSF 2.0 support. This release features tighter integration with the JSF 2.0 infrastructure, which has resolved most of the problems that existed in the previous release. Here are the most notable fixes:

    • fixed Ajax functionality for DataTable, TreeTable, CompositeFilter and all other components;
    • fixed compatibility with the standard JSF 2.0 Ajax APIs (the <f:ajax> component, and jsf.ajax.request() JavaScript function);
    • made possible to attach client behavior tags, such as <f:ajax> to all OpenFaces input and command components

    Besides, it is now easier to add OpenFaces to your application -- you just need to add OpenFaces jar with its dependencies to your application. No web.xml modification and resource filter registration is required anymore!

    You can download this version and the demo package that runs on Tomcat and GlassFish v3 here (see the OpenFaces 3.0 Early Access 2 section). If you've used the previous release, please also read the migration instructions in the release notes document.

    This is the last milestone before the final release of OpenFaces 3.0. We'd like to have your feedback on how it behaves in your JSF 2.0 applications in order to polish the library by the actual release. Please post your feedback and share your experience on the product's forum.

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