Where is NetBeans Going? 6.10 Release Theme is Open For Discussion


News: Where is NetBeans Going? 6.10 Release Theme is Open For Discussion

  1. Java EE, Oracle DB support, Performance and Quality. These are the big themes for next years 6.10 release of the NetBeans platform.

    Sure, it's just a pre-planning document, but if you want to see where NetBeans is going, or to even discuss the project's direction, head over to the wiki page:


  2. Fantastic to see Oracle supporting NetBeans on the path from a good IDE to a great IDE. I would personally like to see strong support for CDI, including dependency resolution/dependency navigation/graphical dependency tree/error detection.



  3. Where is NetBeans Going?[ Go to top ]

    ...and I would like Oracle to spend time to fix all the hundred of Netbean's bugs!

  4. They need to start by making the IDE non-broken out of the box.

    There has been a show-stopper bug in netbeans that has spanned multiple versions of windows and netbeans.  On windows, when you open the IDE, make a servlet, run the servlet, change the servlet and run/compile a few more times you get the 'Cannot Delete File' error on build.  This causes you to have to re-start glassfish everytime you compile.  Same happens when using Tomcat.  This bug has existed for YEARS and been reported multiple times.  This IDE is BROKEN if it can't reliably compile without file locking issues.  I refuse to sit there and stop and restart glassfish on every compile.

    So I tried running on the latest Ubuntu with the latest Java.  The 'Cannot Delete File' issue does not exist when running on Linux.  However, the IDE does not work correctly out of the box.  Click the Netbeans from the menu after installing...go to create a new web app and it does not show any app servers as being available (drop down is empty).  So I run it as root and glassfish shows up in the drop down.  Only problem is that the Look and Feel is messed up when you run as root.

    Does anyone even test this thing?  I enounter multiple show-stopper bugs within the first 5 minutes of using it.  Seriously, I work in Visual Studio 2008 for a living.  It's not perfect, but at least you can reliably compile and these kind of obvious show stopper bugs just dont seem to exist.

    Oracle, stop suing companies and fix this IDE.  I think netbeans has plenty of potential to be a great IDE but as is, it's broken.


  5. No issues since version 6[ Go to top ]

    I haven't had any issue with NetBeans since version 6 was released. It is a great IDE without any doubt.

  6. Stable languages support[ Go to top ]

    Most of developers make some language support (or domain language). Could it be stable and documented? I will participate in its documentation. M