Oracle Poaches, Making IBM a Little Less 'On Demand'


News: Oracle Poaches, Making IBM a Little Less 'On Demand'

  1. Practically every IT contract involves some type of non-compete clause. And pretty much everyone violates that non-compete clause when they quit their job and run off with a different employer in the industry. Of course, it does become interesting when a company loses a top-notch talent and decides to go and pull the legal trigger on that non-competition clause violation. And that's exactly what IBM did when Joanne Olsen left her position as VP of 'On Demand Services.' She's now heading up a unit that "that hawks cloud-based versions of Oracle's enterprise software products."

    So, what does this tell us about IBM? Well, it tells us that they think Joanne is pretty darn talented. It also tells us that IBM's a little bit scared about what Oracle is doing in this cloud space.

    Anyways, IBM has left this as a shot across Oracle's bow, as both parties have decided to 'settle this case voluntarily.' Basically, it was some saber rattling on IBM's part. But sabers were rattled, and it's always interesting to speculate on what such actions mean for the industry.

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    IBM, Oracle Settle Poaching Suit

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