Hi All,

I am not sure if this place is the right place to ask this question or i need to post it in some other forum.

We are working on the design of an E-commerce based application and facing some design issue with related to the persistance layer.

We have alread created the required Model objects for the underlying classes as well as there related mapping files.For the already existing entities we have already created the respected DAO and factory calles as well as a generic factory class which is responsible to do all persistance operation using Hibernate session manager API.

Now here is the main problem.we want that in future if some one other want to create a new entity all he need to create a new Model class and its mapping file and all other related factories should be created by own so that he/she should not get a chance to make any changes to the predefined functionality.

Can any one provide there suggestion how if possible we can achieve this..

Thanks in advance