Do You Need A NetBeans Platform Testing Tutorial?


News: Do You Need A NetBeans Platform Testing Tutorial?

  1. Looking for an simple, straight forward tutorial on how to set up your unit tests, functional tests, and code coverage measurement for a NetBeans Platform application, and you don't want to spend hours slogging through mounds of mailing lists, documents and fragmented tutorials? Well, so did Geertjan. Unfortunately, he couldn't find one, and wrote one himself.

    In this tutorial, you are introduced to setting up the "simpletests" infrastructure and to using the NetBeans Platform's unit testing and functional testing frameworks. These are:

    By the end of this tutorial, you should know how to set up the NetBeans Platform testing infrastructure, how to create unit tests, and how to create functional tests.


    Thanks Geertjan!

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  2. Good article[ Go to top ]

    This is a good article. It's a little NetBeans centric. The article is for developers building NetBeans applications within the NetBeans Platform's build harness scripts. The lessons are easily applied to testing apps outside of NetBeans.

    For tutorials on repurposing unit tests into load and performance tests and production monitors using open source testing tools check: <a href="Selenium" rel="nofollow">">Selenium Repurposing Tutorial</a> and <a href="SoapUI" rel="nofollow">">SoapUI Repurposing Tutorial</a>.