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    Hi, I would like to know if there are eXo platform integrators who have used the platform for at least a year. I would like to know the reliability of the platform in terms of 1. Performance 2. Intrusiveness. i.e is it easy to integrate custom client requirements easily when the requirement does not meet exactly what eXo has thought before 3. Pro-activeness of the people working there. i.e how much their help are helpful, and how fast they answer. 4. Exception handling. i.e Whenever there is an error somewhere in an xml, is it easy to figure out where the error comes from? 5. Finally, is eXo platform really productive. Thanks in advance Kureem Rossaye
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    We are working with eXo's solutions for more than 4 years. We have deployed the solution (Portal, DMS,CS,KS... and specific dev) for the belgian ministry of finances (30 000 users), the cityhall of Liege, Sonaca, NRB... and all those projects are real success stories. According to our experience, eXo can be considered as a sharepoint killer (but it  kills also documentum, alfresco and all major proprietary or open sorce J2EE portal. The recent new features of the WCM and open social implementation are really great compare to competitors.

    Performance are great, we made several workload testing (using mercury-hp tools) and as far as you have a good configuration (don't forget exo is java based) we can support thousands of users with amazing response times.

    For what you call intrusiveness, it's really easy for java developers (having a knowledge of exo API) to develop custom rich application (we use mainly the seam framework but also sometimes flex as video streaming was mandatory in the project).

    The exo's team is really helpfull and easy to contact, for sure we have a subscription contract. But the problem solving is very fast (compare to other big software companies).

    The exception handling is easy we never meet problem to find the roots of a bug (yes sometiemes we can make nice bugs :-) ) 

    In terms of productivity, it will depend of your exo knowledge, the product seems quite complex at first but a good java developer can find his way after few days of practice. For sure before we started projects with exo, we trained the team. So a good training, a support subscription are the corner stones to succes, but it's the true for all products...

    I hope our eXo experiences are going to help you.