James Gosling on JavaOne, Harrison Ford, William Shatner & Oracle


News: James Gosling on JavaOne, Harrison Ford, William Shatner & Oracle

  1. Before Oracle picked up Sun Microsystems, they were pretty adamant about their demand that Sun create an independent Java Foundation.

    "It is the sense of the Executive Committee that the JCP become an open independent vendor-neutral Standards Organization where all members participate on a level playing field..." - proposed by Oracle, seconded by BEA

    However, Oracle's zest for creating this independent Java Foundation has seemed to have disappeared. In his latest blog, James Gosling is hoping that with so many representatives from Oracle being in attendance at this year's JavaOne conference, perhaps someone will be able to explain where Oracle's zeal for an independent Java Foundation has gone. He's even offering a free dinner in the bay area if someone can get a straight answer.

    "I have an offer to members of the press: a free dinner anywhere in the Bay Area to anyone who gets a straight, reasonable, intellectually defensible official answer from Oracle to the question of why their demand for the creation of an independent Java Foundation applied to Sun, but now doesn't apply to Oracle."

    (Actually, the offer only extends to "the press." However, if you (a non-member of the press) manage to get an answer, I'll relay the message back to James, while humbly accepting dinner reservation on your behalf. I then promise to report back about just how enjoyable the dinner was.)

    Who knows, maybe Oracle hasn't abandoned this idea. Maybe they just want to get the next release of Java completed and out of the way before tackling the issue. Or maybe it's as simple as them saying that now that they own Java it's off the table, and 'here are the reasons why.'

    One of the challenges of being a Java aficionado these days is all of the uncertainty in the industry. Hopefully at JavaOne, some of the senior executives at Oracle will be able to address some of the more pressing issues, and help us all feel better about the programming language we've all grown to enjoy and love.

    James Gosling's Blog: A World of Fords, or a World of Shatners?

    Independent Java Foundation Proposal by Oracle

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  2. Bill Shatner vs. Harrison Ford?[ Go to top ]

    So, James Gosling is Canadian. And of course, Bill Shatner is Canadian too. Okay, let's face it. All of the greatest Americans are Canadian. But in his latest blog post, James asserts that a Star Trek world is much preferable to a Blade Runner world. Is James' Canadian bias shining through? This makes sense on the surface, but when you start contemplating a "Bill Shatner" world vs. a "Harrison Ford" world, well, that's when things get a little murky. Okay, the post is actually about Oracle and an independent Java Foundation, and their disappearing commitment to the idea. Still, I can't stop worrying about that 'Shatner World.'

  3. Trekies are dorks[ Go to top ]

    Anybody that has watched Fanboys knows that Trekies are the biggest dorks ever...even compared to the Star Wars dweebs.  In any case, I'd much rather live in Blade Runner world.

  4. Star Wars...[ Go to top ]

    Ya can't just throw "Star Wars" into the mix all 'willy-nilly.'

    I think I"m going to have to watch Blade Runner again.