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    I've just left a session seeing OpenJDK getting built for and running on an ARM device and this morning I saw Groovy and Scala tie in the scripting bowl with JRuby and Clojure tied for a close second. It's only the start of the afternoon but I figure I'd send a very brief report to those wanting to learn what's happening at JavaOne today.

    But let me back track to yesterday, Sunday (Day 0) where it started with an unconference for Java User Groups, the Ellison keynote (as for Java news he only mentioned JavaFX vector graphic support) and with the day ending with James Gosling being spotted at the Glassfish party over at the Grizzly Bear. 

    Later this evening there will be the official Java keynote but I'd figure I'd give you a preview now:

    As for Java 7, it's official they are going with option B (see for the options) which basically means a general release of JDK 7 next summer (minus Lambda, Jigsaw, and part of Coin) and the rest (Lambda, Jigsaw, the rest of Coin) will appear as JDK 8 in 2012.

    And the news with JavaFX is that in 2011 they support HTML5 within JavaFX and looking into 2012 you'll be able to generate HTML5 from JavaFX. Oh and they will open source a subset of JavaFX.

    Dario Laverde

    Who am I? Dario Laverde is a Java architect/consultant and leads the JUG (Java User Group) and has attended most of the JavaOne conferences since JavaOne 1996 and is speaking on Wednesday at JavaOne 2010 on JSR 239.

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