Arcturus Tech Releases Applicare 6


News: Arcturus Tech Releases Applicare 6

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    Arcturus Tech has released Applicare 6, a commercial package designed
    to pinpoint problems in production deployments by highlighting issues
    in performance.

    It’s now able to point out outliers through a new feature called
    “Intellisense,? so you can determine how many transactions are failing
    from a service level’s standpoint, as well as see exactly where they
    are failing. In other words, if most transactions run under 5ms, and
    one transaction takes 400ms, Intellisense can highlight that specific
    transaction for problem triage.

    This release also adds a User Experience Monitor, which is able to use
    synthetic transactions to show how a web application performs from
    different parts of the world or different office sites. It operates by
    assigning transaction ids through a UEM tool, tracking those
    transactions as they flow through the application, allowing you to
    pinpoint failure points within the transaction and also showing user
    experience at the transaction origination point.

    A less flashy but just as important feature in this release is the
    ability to record transaction details with very little overhead, which
    means you can use Applicare 6 in environments where affecting the
    runtime performance would be bad – like production environments. This
    moves problem detection closer to where important problems occur, so
    your applications maintain a higher level of service.

    Applicare 6 builds on Applicare’s ability to tune applications through
    JMX and other APIs, and can be extended to handle almost any
    quantifiable measurement.

    With this release, Applicare 6 has taken a major step forward; check
    it out with a two minute video demo at

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  3. I would be careful about the word "IntelliSense". It is a trademark of Microsoft Corp.