Just a Few Terms To Help You Find Your Way in the Linux Universe


News: Just a Few Terms To Help You Find Your Way in the Linux Universe

  1. A developer can survive for quite a long time in the IT industry living on the Windows based platform. All of the development, all of the testing and all of the deployment can be done from your Windows XP machine. For that matter, even most of the schooling, be it college level or a five day training session from IBM takes place on a Windows desktop. But for any developer that has been building their career on top of NT and XP, there's always this feeling of shame that comes to the fore when people start talking about Linux and start throwing around terms like KDE, rpm and something quite un-descriptively named 'X.'

    If you've been dropped into a Linux environment lately, or you're just trying to figure out what those Linux snobs are talking about when they're bantering around the water cooler, you're in luck. Rabi C Shah  has put together a quick list of "40 Must Know Terms" when it comes to bluffing your way around the Linux world. Sure, this might not get you through your next technical interview, but it's a good first step in learning a bit more about everyone's favorite open source operating system.

    40 Must Know Linux Terms

    40 Shell Commands for Beginners

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    This is awful. The article is poorly redacted, has factual mistakes (port 8 is neither HTTP nor HTTPS), and half the terms are not even Linux-related. Does TSS do any kind of quality check on submitted articles?

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    there is an 503 Error page?!