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    We are trying to move the printing of a report that used a pre-printed form on an impact printer to a laser printer. The goal is to programmatically generate the form with the information on the server side and send it as pdf to the client. For example, the application would dynamically generate certificates with a user's name and course taken.

    An article posted at IBM developerworks shows how to create a pdf template with text anchors as placeholders that will get replaced at runtime with the information on the form (

    We are trying to use the above approach and we are thinking about using XSL, XSLT and XML for this approach. The pdf template would be an XSL document, with the dynamic information coming from a XML document.

    Has anyone solved a similar problem? Do you see any issues with this approach? Are there any other types of solutions?
  2. Have a look at Cocoon from Apache.

    "...Cocoon is also able to perform more sophisticated formatting, such as XSL:FO rendering to PDF files.."

    This is an open source project, so the downloads are free.

    I haven't used it yet, but this is my next project.