JIRA 4.2

The Atlassian JIRA team is delighted to present a brand new version of one of the world's favorite issue trackers.

JIRA 4.2 provides new, faster user experience throughout the product. For example, users who are triaging bugs or monitoring work queues can now perform common operations via dialogs reducing clicks and pageloads. For the mouse-averse, the new Operations Dialog provides quick access to every available issue action via the keyboard.

JIRA 4.2 also addresses many other enhancements and fixes, notably with issue labels, time tracking and OpenSocial gadgets. Other enhancements include:

  •      Issue labels with a new auto-complete feature for rapid entry.
  •      Time-tracking with the ability to log time spent as issues move through workflow.
  •      Confluence users are now able to display page content on their JIRA dashboard using OpenSocial gadgets.

GreenHopper 5.3 & Wallboards 1.4

Atlassian's agile management and planning software, GreenHopper, is also available in a new edition today. GreenHopper provides support for Scrum and Kanban with planning and task boards, burndown charts and more, all tightly integrated with JIRA. GreenHopper 5.3 builds upon the new JIRA keyboard shortcuts and usability improvements, while the JIRA Wallboards 1.4 plugin provides additional wallboard-enabled gadgets and "one-click" wallboard creation directly from GreenHopper. Both GreenHopper 5.3 and JIRA Wallboards 1.4 releases are compatible with JIRA 4.2.

Upgrading to JIRA 4.2 is free for all customers with active JIRA software maintenance as of October 21, 2010. More information and a free 30-day evaluation of JIRA and GreenHopper are available at http://www.atlassian.com/software.