New and experienced Spring developers who are currently using SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) to build their Spring-powered enterprise applications now have the option of installing the core MyEclipse for Spring capabilities directly into STS as a value-added plug-in. The newly released MyEclipse for Spring: STS Edition plug-in enhances STS to give developers additional tooling options and capabilities around bootstrapping, generation and editing.

Key MyEclipse for Spring Features

  • Scaffolding for Spring MVC, GWT, Adobe Flex, Spring Web Flow, Google App Engine and iPhone
  • Spring Project Bootstrapping
  • Spring Security Scaffolding
  • Spring Services from WSDL
  • Spring Code Assistants
  • Customizable Code Generation
  • Google App Engine Support

What about Spring Roo?  For STS users looking for an alternative to the Spring Roo generation technology, please visit our Tool Comparison to see how MyEclipse for Spring may meet your development needs.

For more information, and to download your free 30-day trial, visit