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News: Do you have the Ultimate Wallboard?

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    Atlassian, makers of agile development tools including JIRA, GreenHopper and Bamboo, are running a competition to find the world's Ultimate Wallboard. Software devs are encouraged to submit a video or photo of their kick-ass wallboard into the competition and enter their team to win big prizes.

    The term "information radiator" was introduced by Alistair Cockburn. It refers to a highly visible display, or wallboard, that informs an agile software development team of their progress. For example, a wallboard could display the current state of the software build, a burndown chart, pending or open issues, or any information a team would find useful at-a-glance for measuring their progress. Wallboards range from push-pin posters and index cards taped to the wall, to fully-automated database-driven displays on a shared monitor. It's not the form of your wallboard -- digital or posterboard -- but rather the content that matters.

    Grand prize includes a huge flat panel TV and a mini-computer for the Ultimate Wallboard setup. More information about each category, rules, the prizes, and a form to enter the competition, can be found at or

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    Christ, how is Jira or Bamboo so 'agile'? They are just (respectively) a bugtracker and a CI server. Attaching 'agile' to the name of every product an exercise in stupidity. To all salesmans - go **** yourself.