Here are the highlights of 2.2.RC1;

  • Lots of maintenance work 2.2.M1
  • New Component: Toolbar
  • New Component: Spacer
  • New Component: Separator
  • New Component: Divider
  • Reimplementation of PickList, Editor and ImageSwitch
  • Upgrade to latest jQuery 1.4.3 and jQuery UI 1.8.5
  • Ajax capability to Slider
  • Fixed ajax update issues of menus
  • Stabilized Datatable incell editing

See the detailed changelog for more information and downloads section to get the new release.

Roadmap of PrimeFaces

After 2.2 final, next planned version is 2.3 with following new features;

  • Redesign and implementation of TouchFaces, which will be renamed to PrimeFaces Mobile.
  • Redesign and implementation of Ajax Push Integration via Atmosphere.
  • Major enhancements on components like fileUpload, tree, treeTable and more.
  • Implementation of top 20 most voted issues.
  • New components like timeline, sortList and more.
  • Some surprises to the community in collaboration with SpringSource.

Despite all these features, PrimeFaces will still be one jar that is less than 2mb, zero configuration with no dependencies.

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